Planting The Seeds Website

Planting Seeds Website

Planting The Seeds Website

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This is a WordPress Website converted from HTML to WordPress and sells or gives away The Planting The Seeds Ebook, Build An Online Business That Pays Off In The Long Run. This can be a full WordPress Website or a WordPress Page on your existing website. Your choice! The main benefits are: “Keep All Of The Profits” and “Build Your List” of internet marketers!

This Is “Autopilot Marketing” At Its Finest!

Planting Business Seeds Benefit The Sales Page – Main Website

Planting Seeds Ebook Benefit Sell The Planting The Seeds Ebook!

Planting Seeds Ebook Benefit Your Own PayPal Commerce Plugin!

Planting Business Seeds Benefit The Thank You Page for The Planting The Seeds Ebook

Planting Seeds Ebook Benefit Automatically Send Your Customers To The Thank You Page.

Planting Seeds Ebook Benefit The Download Link.

Planting Seeds Ebook Benefit Your Up-sales.

Planting Business Seeds Benefit The Email Confirmation Page for The Planting The Seeds Ebook

Planting Seeds Ebook Benefit Remind Your Customer To Confirm Their Email Address.

Planting Seeds Ebook Benefit Friendly Instructions For Your Customers!

Sample of the Popup for The Planting The Seeds Ebook:

Planting Seeds Ebook

Planting Seeds Ebook

Planting Business Seeds Benefit You receive:

Planting Seeds Ebook Benefit The WordPress website.

Planting Seeds Ebook Benefit The HTML website.

Planting Seeds Ebook Benefit Master Resell Rights.

Planting Seeds Ebook Benefit Giveaway Rights.

Planting Seeds Ebook Benefit Premium WordPress Theme. The website is optimized with the Premium WordPress Theme: SalesPage Starta – Quick & Easy WordPress Sales Pages.

Planting Business Seeds Benefit Plug-ins to Process Payments, Build Your List, and More:

Planting Seeds Ebook Benefit PayPal Responder – Processes payment for a product via PayPal, then sends an email responder to the customer and returns them to a URL of your choice.

Planting Seeds Ebook Benefit 1-Minute List Builder – Rotate up to 3 popup messages on each post and page as an exit popup or an live popup to build a list or giveaway a product.

Planting Seeds Ebook Benefit TinyMCE Advanced – The TinyMCE Advanced plugin with activated blockquote button, HR (horizontal rule) button, and styles dropdown.

Planting Business Seeds Benefit Your options include, but not necessary:

Planting Seeds Ebook Benefit ThemeStarta Editor – Professional WordPress Theme Creator.

Planting Seeds Ebook Benefit StoreStarta Plugin – Make sales page creation quicker and easier than ever before.

This Premium Theme Is Created With The WordPress ThemeStarta Theme Editor And Is 100% Compatible With All ThemeStarta Themes!

Simply contact us at our Support Desk and we will install your website within 8 hours.

Total Cost: $25.00

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Free Installation Included. We are professional webmasters and internet marketers. Your positive experience with us is our most important priority. See the testimonials on our home page.